Friday, 28 October 2016

Immortalizing The Contribution Of Our Brave Soldiers, Punjab Govt. Inaugurates State War Heroes’ Memorial-Cum-Museum

Punjab, a state which is always regarded and attributed as “the sword arm” of the nation due to its unsung contribution of large number men and women in the armed force. A state which recognized as a land of valiant warrior and martyrs ever providing outstanding services to defend for the honor of our country. Since the beginning of the era, punjab’s warriors, irrespective of their gender have honored the military ethos of  ‘Naam, Namak, Nishan.
Today, Sikhs are still 2% of the population of Indian but 20% of Indian Military consists of Sikhs. As a part of Indian Military, Sikhs are constantly fighting terrorists on the border of Pakistan and India since many decades. Ever sacrifices their lives at the call of duty towards this country, Punjabis have always exhibited their act of valour.
In the spirit of Eulogising the valiant deeds of our Defence services since ages and to encourage more youth from the state to join the forces, Shiromani Akali Dal government builds a  a world class memorial-cum-museum at “the holy city”, Amritsar.
Underlining the need for perpetuating the legacy of supreme sacrifices made by the great soldiers and warriors of the state so as to encourage the youth to join the Armed forces, the Chief Minister said that this state-of-the art memorial would act as a beacon to inspire the youngsters for serving the nation thereby displaying the ethos of Punjabi’s rare valour and patriotism. Badal categorically said that this magnificent memorial would be a befitting tribute to commemorate the remarkable contribution made by the Punjabi soldiers and officers to defend the sovereignty of the country surpassing the long period of more than 600 years right from the times of sixth Guru of Sikhs Sri Guru Hargobind Singh Ji till Kargil war. “The major attraction of this monument is the installation of world’s tallest 45 tallest swords in the memorial” he added.
‘Punjab State War Heroes Memorial & Museum’ & consist of 45 meters high Sword has been installed in the central vista of the museum having following 8 galleries depicting the sacrifices and heroic deeds from the times of the sixth Guru till Kargil operations

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